Sunday, August 7, 2016

Two courageous women seek justice.

The name of the two women are Rupa Nandashili Haththotuwa and Ramani Perera. Both are reside in Hirana Panadura. Both have written an open letter to the Inspector General of Police Mr. Pujitha Jayasundera. 

The police officer who has harassed them is Mr. Liyanage Dilruk Gunathilaka alias Lal.  The police officer's bearing number is 32807. He was convicted for criminal offences. But he still works in Panadura South police under the blessings of the police higher ups. He often harasses these two women. The lawsuits against him were case number 63000 at Panadura Magistrate court and case bearing number 08/2013 at Panadura High court. 

In their letter to the Inspector General of Police they said the said police officer Lal misuses police powers and continuously harasses them.  One day this said police officer arrived in their houses under the influence of liquor blamed them using filthy language and threatened to kill them. They further states by making these persons survive in the police duties prove the law is not being implemented to police criminals.



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