Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A citizen was Tortured.

His name is Jayantha Fernando. He has made this complaint to the human rights commission, the inspector general of police and the national police commission on 13.08.2016.

''It was on 13.08.2016 around 11 am near Sachithra private hospital in Horana road Panadura. I was driving my try shaw and a motor cycle came and collided with it. 

The motorcyclist got down from it and shouted in filth and saying I was from the police. He assaulted me using his helmet and hands. The blows directed at my face and head. As a result of this I was fainted. 

The police officers who arrived there put me and my sister into a try shaw and brought to the Panadura base hospital. I was admitted at the hospital. 

When I was in the ward number 01 at the Panadura hospital the Panadura South police came and recorded a statement from me. The judicial medical officer examined me. He said my left year was damaged and informed me to arrive at the clinic.

Within half an hour I was admitted, the police officer who assaulted me also came and admitted at the hospital. I came to know he was the sub inspector Suranga Ranaweera from Panadura Fraud Beurae. I was in the hospital for three days. Until this time my try shaw is being detained at the Panadura South Police. 

Mr. Jayantha Fernando states his fundamental rights were violated. He requests to take legal and disciplinary actions against the sub inspector Suranga Ranaweera and also arrest him and produce him before the court. ''

The new Yahapalana government fails to stop torture fabrication of charges and corruption. To fulfill and restore reconciliation between the races it is essential to minimize torture and violence  which has created by the state. This case is an example that all the institutions established by Yahapalana government are being failed regarding this. 

When Jayantha Fernando was being assaulted people gathered and demanded that the said police officer had no right to assault a person although he is from the police. 

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