Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A rape case.

To rescue the rapist (police constable) of 16 years 01 month old girl the OIC for the second time and the ASP for the third time raped her. At the age of 15 she went to work in a garment factory after dismissed from the school. The police constable called Chinthaka grabbed her. For her Chinthaka is a god. The constable Chinthaka accompanied her to the Hasitha guest house after making marriage promises.

He raped her after giving cheated marriage promises. After few days he ignored her. She came to know that she was helpless. It was mentioned below in the written complaint that she sent to the inspector general of police child and women beaure of police the attorney general and the human rights commission.

''After that he started to ignore me. But continuously I called him via phone. I did not have anybody to tell this. I told this incident in detail to my friend Sadamali akka. She told this to her husband Madusanka. Madusanka's father works in the police so he said he could not say this to him in directly. Madusanka gave my phone number to Chathuranga. Chathuranga called me via phone and said I was accompanied to lodge a complaint at the Panadura unit. (Which was in the office of Panadura Assistant officers office)

But I did not agree. I informed this to Chinthaka via phone. Chinthaka told me that Chathuranga was a drug addict. After a following day Chinthaka told me to come near the police station. He said me to come around 5.30 pm. Inside the police station Chinthaka told me that he was going to marry me he was afraid of loosing the job and told me to make a complaint against Chathuranga as this. Chinnthaka took me to a police officer who was in uniform who was in a room which was in the right hand side. Chinthaka told him that I was the younger sister that whom Chathuranga took by a try shaw. The officer asked me whether I had a love affair with Chinthaka. I said yes. The said police officer told me to go and make a complaint as said by Chinthaka and also said that I did not have a love affair with Chinthaka. After that Chinthaka took me to the division of child and women affairs. There were nobody and told me to come at 10 am on the following day. The following day Chinthaka and I went to women and children division and a female officer called Ms. Manike recorded a complaint as said by Chinthaka. I signed it. After that Chinthaka ignored to answer my telephone calls. 

I took a decision that Chinthaka lied me. I called Chathuranga and said I made false complaint against him according to the wish of Chinthaka. After that Chathuranga took me to the ASP officer in Panadura by try shaw on 28.07.2016. 

Chathuranaga took me to  the officer called Padmalal He forwared me to a female officer called Renuka. She noted down a statement. After that I was forwarded ASP Wijewardana. He told me the that the following day 29th at 10 am Chinthaka would be summoned to the police station. I arrived at the police station as said but Chinthaka did not come. 

I was called to come on 01.08.2016. I went and met the senior police officer called Wijegunawardena. Chinthaka was also arrived. The said police officer asked from both of us in detail. At that time Chinthaka promised to marry me. The said police officer told Chinthaka to give a letter saying that he was going to marry me. He went without providing a letter. After that I came to know Chathuraga was arrested by the Bandaragama police. 

I state that I was cheated by the senior police officer Wijegunawardena by taking me to a guest house promising to marry and raping me. I am now harassed by Bandaragama police saying me to come to the police because of the false statement recorded from me by the female police officer called Manike.''

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