Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ms. Revadi seeks justice.

She is Ms. Revadi. She raises a question. A drunken person came to her house saying filth and damaged the property. She asked whether law is silent regarding this because is she an Indian origin citizen? 

She made a written complaint to the inspector general of police the human rights commission and the national police commission regarding this incident. Here what is contained in her written complaint.

''It was around 10.30 noon on 30.07.2016. One person called Pathum Madusanka was drunken and came to our house. He asked my brother a glass whom with weakness in eye sight and hearing. He didn't understand what he asked for. When I heard some one blaming then I came outside. He again asked a glass from me. I said I could not give because he was a drunken and went inside. Then Pathum Madusanka blamed me in using filth and broke two chairs in the veranda. 

I took a call to 119 number and informed it. Two 119 police officers arrived in a motorcycle. There was a lake near our house. When they arrived a group of five persons were taking alcohol near the lake. The police personal went there and accompanied Pathum Madusanka to the road. I identified him. The police personal blamed him and gave a chit to him asking to appear before the police station on the following day. The police personal also informed me to appear. The police personals went. Then again Pathum Madusanka came in front of my house and blamed using filth and threatened to throw acid on me. The time was around 6 in the evening. At around 6.30 pm my father and I went to the Mathugama police and complained. The complaint bearing number was CIB 01-62/382.

After 04 days the police constable called Dammika arrived and recorded a statement from me. He informed me to appear before the police station around 10 in the morning on 12.08.2016. I went. But Pathum Madusanka was not arrived. The police did not say what steps they would take. Until now he will not be arrested. ''

She requests relevant authorities to take legal actions against the police officers attached to the Mathugama police who allow the criminals to be free and ensures her safety.

To see the Sinhala link,

077 3201270
038 2231419

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