Monday, August 8, 2016

Tragedy of two brothers

Kavinda and Thekshana are two brothers. On 01.08.2016 they went to the police station to see their arrested father. Kavinda is an army personal. The following is the complaint that he made to the inspector general of police and the human rights commission.

The time is around 5.30 pm. I went to the police station at Wadduwa to see my father. I saw my father was in the police cell. When I tried to reach him one policeman called Soysa 49556 held my shirt and neck and pushed me hard to the outside. When I reached out side and tried to call my brother the said officer again came and pushed me to the compound. I told my brother via phone to come immediately. He said he was near by.

After sometime my brother Thikshana came. He went near the cell saying to the said police officer Soysa. When I tried to follow him the said officer again held my neck and pushed me outside. I said I wanted to see my father. Then the said officer said I was not allowed to see him. My brother also said to release me. Then the said police officer chased away both of us. We heard that my father from the cell said don't hit don't hit and further said I was from the army. We both came to the gate and tried to get into the motor bike the policemen shouted using filthy language and said don't allow us to go.

During the shouting four to five persons reached us fast. Three or four persons are in uniform One was in a T shirt mentioned number three and a trouser. 

The police bearing number 49556 called Soysa held my shirt and tried to assault me. Saying I was not assaulted before people and dragged me inside. The policemen in upstairs shouted and said to bring us upstairs to give. We were taken upstairs. From there we could see the Galle road. Six persons surrounded us. Two were in ordinary clothes. Among them were 49556 Soysa, 1803 ( don't know the name) 39144 Munasinha sub inspector Perera I don't know the names of other two persons but can identify after seen them They assaulted both of us using their hands a pole and a T 56 gun. Those shots directed all parts of our body. It took 5 to 10 minutes for the assault and took us down stairs. They held our necks and put us into the cell.

The said police officer Soysa told my brother to bring my leave permission card. My elder brother Thikshana went home and brought it. At that time the police officer Soysa was not available. Another police officer said now it was useless and already filled a lawsuit. There was a policeman in civilian clothes took the helmat from my brother to put it as a court good. My condition was not good. At night I vomited twice. The others in the cell told the reserve police officer that my condition was worse. But they did not admit me to a hospital.

The following day 02.08.2016 I was taken outside the cell. They took a statement, detail and a signature from me. They did not allow me to read it. I was handcuffed and took me to the Panadura base hospital. I was produced before a judicial medical officer. I told and showed the scars of police assault. He did not order to get treatment. He filled a form and gave a part of it to the police officer.

From there I was taken to the Panadura Magistrate court. I was detained there until 3 pm and produced before the Magistrate. A lawyer appeared behalf of me. The police charged me of obstructing duties and tried to give cigarette and betel to the other inmates in the police cell. The police requested to remand me for 14 days. I was released on two sureties valid RS.10,00,000/= The date of next court hearing will be 08.11.2016.

After that my brother and I arrived at Panadura base hospital. We were admitted. The following day 03.08.2016 My brother Thikashana was discharged. They had taken steps to transfer me to the army hospital and produced me before the judicial medical officer today - 05.08.2016.

I request to take legal actions against the police officers whom mentioned below who assaulted inhumanly both of us and fabricated charges against me and violated my fundamental rights 

1. 49556 Soysa
2. 1803 - don't know the name
3. 39144 - Munasinha
4. Sub Inspector Perera

Link to the Sinhala version,

038 2231419
077 3201270

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