Sunday, August 21, 2016

NPC on strong position against police malpractices.

The national police commission takes a strong position. They said they would not be tolerate corruption in the police any more. They take this stand with the commission of corruption and bribery. They also take steps to implement this program. 

They hope to use technology and take support from the civil society organisations regarding this. 

Up to now no government suited to accept police corruption.

Now the national police commission says it has taken stern actions regarding the corruption in the police with the collaboration with the commission of bribery and corruption.

The so called intellectuals politicians priests have an attitude that the police takes bribes and do corrupt practices due to their low salaries. Now the national police commission refused this attitude. They said 80% of the country's population are poor. If this is true then they too steal and become thieves.

Another objective of the national police commission is to implement rules and regulations of the department of the police and make police officers dignified. 

These ideas came in a recent meeting of the National Police Commission with the commission of bribery and corruption. For this program the ministry of law and peace and some other civil society groups were joined.

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