Wednesday, August 10, 2016

An order from the Lady Justice.

''Give the child to the father who was not the father of the child. Go to the married husband to die with assault. She was married at the age of 16. The order of this woman give by the lady justice. The police and the probation are also responsible. ''

The parents married her to a person who is a labor and a newspaper reporter. He is a patriot. He works for Mavubima and Divayina newspapers.

After the marriage he satisfied with torturing her wife both mentally and physically. She didn't get any relief from the police and her parents. They handed her over to the legal husband.

In 2011 she went to her parents because of the assaulted directed to her by the husband. Her drunken father also tortured her mother and she couldn't bear it and interfered.  She was injured due to the hard hit of her father. Her spiral code was damaged. Since then once a week she has got clinical treatment. She was treated at the Colombo National hospital for more than four months. Only twice her legal husband was visited at the hospital.

When she was ok she went to her husband and found a small job. She also found a boy friend and it was not a secret to her legal husband. But he tortured her continuously.

In 2014 she became pregnant. In the 10th  January  2015 she gave birth to a girl child. For the birth certificate she had to put the name of the legal husband. Now the child has two fathers a biological father and legal husband.

The legal husband continuously harassed and tortured her. She saved her life from her husband with much difficulty. On 11 January 2016 she made a complaint to the police regarding this. Because no other solution she went to her parents with the child. The legal husband also made a complaint in another police station. The Officer In Charge summoned her and forced her to give the child to the legal husband. At that time the infant child was 1 year and four months old and was under breast feeding. The Officer in Charge of police told her that the child belongs to the police OIC and the magistrate.

The police filled a lawsuit before the court. The court day she was taken to the probation and forcefully taken her signature to a document saying that she liked to go with the legal husband. She signed it because the police threatened her if not the child would be give to the custody of the probation. 

She told the probation female officer that the child was not from her legal husband. The female probation officer mentioned it to the female judge. The magistrate removed the husband from the chamber and asked the truth from her. She told her that the child was not from the legal husband.

The female judge asked the police and the probation whether her boyfriend was tall and fat and further told them that the child was seemed not to be like the legal father. 

But the female judge said the child belong to the legal husband and ordered her to go to the legal husband. The female judge was courageous to say if not she would be remanded. 

The court ordered her. The legal husband who came outside the court said he would take the child and not allowed her to come to the house.

Now the mother and the child are in two separate places. If she might go to the legal husband he would kill her. The legal husband may kill the child whom not belong to him. 

Note;- In Sri Lanka the entire law  is deteriorated. There are  rapist persons who theft elephants persons who take bribes and do gambling sit on judicial chambers. This is not a surprise. Among others these wrongful judges get promotions. Shall we silent any more? In future we will disclose the entire case with the real names and positions. 


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