Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Religious noise pollution.

Noise pollution is harmful not only to human beings but other animals too. The laws are available to combat it. There are also rules and regulations. There are the police and the environmental authority. But in musical shows and religious prayers they have used loud speakers and this cause to noise pollution. It is not good to physical and mental health. 

A group of people in Panadura have complained this to the assistant superintendent of police in Panadura about this. They requested it in written form to stop this. When a complaint comes from people the authorities have to stop it according to the law. In Panadura this not happens and continue noise pollution. The Panadura police is under corruption and deaf and blind to this nuisance. 

There is a responsibility part of the people. They don't come forward and not complaining. They are waiting until another person will do it.



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  1. I have same issue. There is garment factory next to my house. The have installed a electricity generator just 10M away from my home. When I complain to the police they say they can not do anything about that.


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