Thursday, August 4, 2016

Finally Justice received for Sunil's family.

Sunil Hemachandra was an ordinary person engaged in labor work in Sri Lanka. In June 2003 he won a lottery of thirty hundred thousand rupees. The Moragahahena police wanted to take some money from it. They took Sunil to the police station and assaulted him. He died due to the police assault. The police said it was happened due to epilepsy. 

The family members of late Sunil complained to the human rights commission. The human rights commission did nothing. With the help of Janasansadaya they filled a fundamental right case before the highest court Supreme Court in the country. It took 7 years to give the judgement from the Supreme Court. Finally no justice had happened to Sunil's family from the Supreme Court.

With the help of Asian Human Rights Commission in Hong Kong the case was reported before the human rights council in Jeneva Switzerland. They human rights council decided that Sunil's human rights were violated. Finally Justice received for Sunil's family.

Case No:- S.C.(F/R) 429/2003

United Nations Human Rights Committee at its 113th session (16 March–2 April 2015). Communication No. 2087/2011
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