Monday, August 15, 2016

No Names

The officers at the human rights commission of Sri Lanka have no names. They don't like to disclose their names to the clients. For a long period of time they have done this to cover up the corruption. Without dignity of these officers how they can defend the human rights of people.

The yahapalana government nominated it's chairperson and other commissioners but upto now they are being failed to address this issue. The police has not stopped opposition protests like pada yathra but they do not stop torturing citizens. 

Two examples.

1. On 03.08.2016 she called to the hotline of  the human rights commission regarding the illegal arrest and detention of her husband by Bandaragama police. The officer who replied via  phone did not mention her identity. She politely asked what the name of the said officer. She refused to mention her name saying ''not necessary''. 

2. A complainant came from Passara trying to make a complaint before the human rights commission. The day officer told him to go to their office at Badulla. His complaint was that taking bribes by an ex inquiring officer who lied still working in the human rights commission. This officer's wife (who works in the HRC) refrained him by handed over the complaint to the chairperson. She told him that according to the instructions of the chairperson it couldn't be done.

The objective of the human rights commission is to protect and promote human rights, minimise violations and give relife to the people. This does not happens. Then what can the people do? Maintain silence?

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