Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Rs.7000/= as Lawyer fee for the licence

My name is Jayaweera Sandanayaka. I have written to the secretary Judicial Service Commission, Supreme Court Complex Hulsdrofe Colombo 12. My case bearing number is 21609/16 at Puttalam Magistrate Court. 

My Driver licence was taken by the Mundalam police and charged me for several motor traffic wrongs. They informed me to appear before the Puttalam Magistrate court on 16.03.2016. But I was sick and unable to appear before the court. On 25.07.2016 and 26.07.2016 I went to Mundalama police to get my number and date of the lawsuit against me. They chased me away.

I called 118 and told the grievance. 118 the phone number of complaining the malpractices of the police. When I reached in front of the police one policeman called me and give the number and next date of my lawsuit. 

I hired a lawyer called Chamara Pathirage. First he took RS.2000/= and next he took Rs.5000/ Total Rs.7000/= from me. 

This lawyer went inside the court and came back with the driving licence. The case was not called. The lawyer told me not to afraid and further said the lawsuit never came to hear. 

I state that whether I had my licence the lawsuit against me was not over. It is a unjust that lawyer took Rs.7000/= from me.

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