Monday, August 1, 2016

Torture until tooth out

Illegal Arrest Torture Fabrication of Charges and remanded for 121 days. The complaint was made on 31.07.2016.

It was on 28.03.2016 around 6.30 pm. I was waiting in a house because of raining in Kalutara North Jawatta area after labor five policemen in civil clothes came. I was handcuffed in took to Kalutara North police. I was taken in a jeep. On the way they assaulted my face. They claimed money and gold items of burgling a house when they were torturing me. The policeman who assaulted me called Rupasingha 10999.

At the police station I was kept in a corner room. One handcuffed was put to my right hand and other side to a window. At around 10.30 pm the said policeman Rupasingha accompanied with two other policemen came and took me to the bathroom in the backside. There was a tank and water. I was forced to strip by Rupasingha I removed my clothes they were in bottoms and T shirts. They handcuffed my two hands and two legs. They forced me to sit on the floor. The policeman Rupasinha removed his trouser and shirt and brought a wet clothe tide covering my nose and eyes. I tried hard to breath and shouting that I was going to die. They said If I will be die then put the Kalu gaga (river) 

Again they tide the same cloth covering my two eyes and nose. Again they put water to my head and assaulted my back and chest. They assaulted my face then a tooth was out. Then they untide the cloth. They also removed handcuffs. They told me to have water to my body and also said to get dress. I did it. I picked the tooth on the floor and put to my pocket. The arrested person called Himalaka Lakruvan was brought to me and said him to tell the truth. He said that I was the person because of fear that the police assaulted him. He was assaulted in front of me. 

After that like earlier I was taken to the room and handcuffed one hand and other side to the window. I was like that until dawn. On 29.03.2016 around 7 in the morning the police man Rupasingha came and showed me two bundles and asked which one to be introduced. I did not speak He went away saying introduced drugs. 

Around 10.30 my elder sister came to see me. I disclosed her that I was assaulted and my tooth was broken. She was forced to go. She again came after 5 minutes and I threw the tooth and she collected it. She went.

At around 12.30 I was taken and put to the cell. I was taken outside in the afternoon. They took my photographs held me to the wall. The person who took the picture was wearing a white shirt. 

The following day 30th around 9.30 am I was taken to the Kalutara Magistrate court. They fabricated charges introducing 2g and 50mg of heroin. The lawyers who appeared for me told the court about police assault. They claimed bail.

The Magistrate said that the court had no power to grant bail and ordered me to meet the Kalutara Judicial Medical Officer via the prison.

On 31.03.2016 My elder sister had made complaints to the human rights commission the police commission and the inspector general of police. 

On 01.04.2016 the Judicial Medical Officer of Nagoda hospital examined me. I was produced there via the prison. From that point every 14 days I was brought to the court. 

On 22.07.2016 or near day the guard came to see me saying he was a friend of the policeman Rupasingha and told me to come to a settlement without filing a lawsuit regarding assault and fabrication of charges. 

On 26.07.2016 the case was postponed to 28.07.2016 and granted bail to me saying the drugs in my posession was very little according to the government analyst report. A cash bail of Rs.10,000/= and surety valid Rs.100,000/= 

After bail out I came to know that on 27.07.2016 around 6.30 pm the police man Rupasingha 10999 came and said to my elder sister not to file a case against me. The Officer In Charge of Kalutara North police Ananda came and blamed Rupasingha saying this was happened when he was in leave and went away. 


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