Monday, August 15, 2016

Because of cow deng.

Berni Kamal Mahakumara 39 years old, married profession Bako machine operator at Bentota divisional secretariat. Reside at 361 A 1 Galthuduva Gonagalapura. The complaint was made on 09.08.2016. He has sent it to chairman human rights commission, the inspector general of police and the attorney general.

On 04.05.2016 as usual I went to my work place. After going there I came to know from others that some people threw cow den at a female officer called Ruwanthilaka on her way to the office. All the staff went there to see what was happened. I too was. Our secretary was also went there and informed us to go back to the work. We did as said. I worked and came home.

On 05.05.2016 and 06.05.2016 I went to the office as usual. On 6th when I came home I received a phone message requesting the baco machine I replied saying I would do it after getting the permission from our secretary.

On that day in the evening  I went to a friend's house. My younger brother gave me a call and said the police arrived at home and searching me saying that my motor bicycle collided with two persons. I said him that it was not happened and but I would come to the police.

I informed this to the ex chairman via phone. He went to the police and called me back saying no problem but I would be summoned regarding the problem of female officer Ms. Ruwanthilaka.

As informed my younger brother younger sister and I myself went to the Bentota police at around 9.30 to 10 at night. The chairman was also at the police station. A policeman in civilian clothes said they had all the information that the technical officer and I myself did this. I said him that I did not have any connection also asked why did you suspect me. He said he had all the information and said me to empty my pocket. I took my wallet and mobile phone outside. When I tried to give the phone to my younger brother the officer grabbed it and had taken me to a room. Ms. Ruwanthilaka was there too. The police officer assaulted my face 10 to 11 times continuously saying me to tell the truth otherwise beaten me to death. I said him that I did not commit any wrong and because of humanity I arrived at the police station. Then the said police officer said I would teach you humanity if not I tell the truth and continuously assaulted me. He took a pole and assaulted my shoulders and knees.

After that the said police officer said I did not disclose anything and told the another officer to bring the other two persons. Then that officer brought another two persons to the same room. They were forced to sit on the floor. And the said two police officers assaulted their soles. The said officers stood on their foot and stamped them. The officer's asked them whether I was the said person. These two persons said they didn't know me and saw me today first time. Then the police officers threatened and further assaulted them saying to claim this lawsuit.

After the assault they took them again. The first said officer again started to assault me saying filthy language. They mostly assaulted my knees and shoulders. I continuously replied that I did not commit a wrong and not knowing the other suspects.

After that I was put inside the cell. The said police officer who assaulted me sat on a table in front of the cell and threatened me to disclose the truth otherwise put me and other technical officer to this lawsuit and not allowed me to remain in the government job and went away saying coming back in the morning of the following day.

In the morning of the following day the other two suspects were taken out and recorded a statement from them. After that I was taken outside and took all of us to the magistrate's bungalow by the jeep. I was remanded. A lawyer appeared behalf of me stated to the court that I was assaulted by the police and not no involvement in the incident. The bearing number of fabrication lawsuit is 89835 and charge was threw cow deng to an female officer works in divisional secretariat office in Bentota.

When I was taken to the prison  I made a statement that I was assaulted by the police. After that I was given medicine to take by the prison. Until 17.05.2016 I was in the prison. On 17th I was granted bail.

The police informed the court that they have to arrest another suspect but until today they would not be arrested anybody. Now they stopped my job by filing this fabricated lawsuit. The police had taken my mobile phone. They did not give it back to me. I informed the police to hand it over but not. When I requested it the police officer called Iran said any way you would collect it and threatened don't come here requesting it. 

What I request is to take legal actions against the police officers including one called Iran who assaulted me tortured me and fabricated charges against me and quit the fabricated lawsuit and take steps to hand me over the mobile phone back which belong to me. 

038 2231419
077 3201270

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