Sunday, August 21, 2016

First Education Second Police.

The education comes first defeating the police. Because of the bribery and corruption issue. For a long time the police has become the number one authority of bribery and corruption. In this year the education becomes first institution of corruption and the police becomes number two institution on the same issue. 

Sri Lanka is a corrupt state. The rule of law in the country is declined. Because of the judiciary the police the attorney general and other authorities and the relevant people who are for defend the rule of law are corrupt and remain silence in front of the corruption. 

These so called people priests and the politicians have a common argument that it is a wrong to mention only the police is corrupted because all most all the institutions in the country are corrupted. 

Every society has corrupt people. There are thieves fraudsters and criminals. Only with religious sermons not making the society better place to live. But law is the essential. The authorities who implement the law are a necessity. The accountability of these authorities is to implement the law. Only a balance society is created due to the correct implementing of the law. 

The law should be in the highest position. The authorities who are for implement law  should act according to the law. 

It is time to give away nonsense arguments and make all most all the institutions including the police who are not corrupted.

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