Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Who the mentally ill? Sisira? or The police?

Sisira Kumara is a resident of Udugampala. He was tortured and produced before the court and remanded by his younger brother's name. His father is Nimal and 62 years old. According to father Nimal , Sisira Kumara is being diagnosed with a mental illness for more than 12 years. 

Now Sisira Kumara is 36 years old and his mother sends him money from abroad. There is a try shaw driver called Jayantha who was used to fraud this money from him by taking the advantage from his mental illness. 

With the direction of Jayantha he attended a funeral and the house owners handed him over to the police. 

The police stripped and tortured him. He was produced before the Gampaha court via his younger brother's name and remanded. His father states that he has been taking treatment at the National Institute of Mental Health under the custody of the prison. 

According to his father the police did this knowingly by producing him before the court via his younger brother's name. His father states that he requested the national human rights commission to take legal actions against this illegal action and torture.

According to his father the Gampaha police did injustice not only to Sisira Kumara but his younger brother also. They too misled the Court by producing a wrong person and the police makes the court as a rubber stamp to continue their corrupt acts.

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