Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fabrication of Charge, Cancer In Law Enforcement.

Pathirage Don Jayathilaka 62 years old Unmarried Profession Farming Reside at Hindakaramulla, Molkava.

The complaint was made on 29.09.2016.

On 16.09.2016 I came home after cutting rubber in the compound. Time was around 11am to 11.30 am. Three policemen in civilian clothes attached to Baduraeliya police came to my house. I identified one officer as Sumith attached to Baduraeliya police. I could identified the other two after seen. I inquired the reason for their arrival.

They stated that they had got the news that I brewed a illicit liquor. I told them to find out. One officer searched my house. The other two searched the compound. They did it for half an hour and went but came back after a short while. I asked them why?

They said they had the information that a pot in a bush and accompanied me to see it.

They found a pot in a land belong to a person called Lionel Gunathilaka. They told me to take it. I said them that the land and the pot did not belong to me and I have been taking treatment for three months for the paralyze. I further said I could not take them.

The officer called Sumith kept the pot on his head and went. They told me to accompany to the police station. I said this was a very big burden and a person called Sunil have done this because of a years along lawsuit regarding a land dispute
. He continues to trouble me.

Then one policeman said it did not matter to them and made a compromise after produced before the Magistrate. He further said that I was given a bail immediately because I was sick and informed me to send someone from home.

On the way to the police station I told the police officers this was done by Rasika and Sunil. I told them further that you to did not consider these matters. Then they asked where Rasika was and further said he had a warrant. I told them he had been available in the near by compound.

When we were going there were Rasika and Sunil's brother Somadasa. I showed them Rasika. They told him that he had a warrant and told him to come to the police station. Rasika said he coudn't come now he would be there at 4 pm. Sunil's brother said he would accompanied him to the police station. Then Sunil arrived he told Rasika to bring a soft drink bottle from the house for the policemen. Rasika did as said. They drank it and told me to drink it too. I refused.

I was taken to the police station. At the very moment my elder sister's daughter and son in law came. They had written my name and address and took my signature. They asked me if we put these equipment then the fine was increased and or put only a bottle of illicit liquor? I said those things were not belong to me and why would you file a lawsuit against me? They said me to see the matter at the court and informed me to appear before the court on 23 rd September 2016 and put a bottle of illicit liquor.

On 17.09.2016 I went to the senior superintendent of police to complaint this. At that moment this officer was not available and I was introduced to Assistant Superintendent of police Kapila Premadasa. He asked the case in detail and gave me a letter to hand over to Assistant superintendednt of police Mathugama. As said I handed over the letter to ASP Mathugama.

The ASP Mathugama was also heard the incident in detail and called The Officer In Charge Baduraeliya via phone and said if you fabricate charges like this then it was a bad for almost all the police department.

He further informed me to go and meet the OIC Baduraeliya. I went to the Baduraeliya police station. But the Officer In Charge was not there.

The following day 18.09.2016 I met the OIC. He said it was impossible to do anything the lawsuit was already filed even the Inspector General of Police would not be able to do anything. He further told me to come and see the matter on 22.09.2016 and said If he would not be here meet Ms. Yurenika.

On 22.09.2016 I came to Baduraeliya police and met Ms. Yurenika. She said the lawsuit was already filed and there was also a past offence. I said her that it was a fabrication of charge like this. I further said her when I was going to plead innocence Attorney at law Geethani said to pay the fine instead of paying four times lawyer fee and released.

So the following day 2016.09.23 I went to the court. There they fabricated a charge of possession of an illicit liquor bottle under the lawsuit bearing number 33149/16. I pleaded innocence. I was released on cash bail of Rs.7000/= and a surety bail of Rs.50,000/=. The next court hearing will be on 14.10.2016.

I further states that why the police fabricate charges like this due to the need of Mr. Sunil. Sunil and I had lawsuit regarding a land dispute that the judgment was given favor of me and Sunil had been appeal against the verdict. This lawsuit is going for 10 years now. Sunil has a closer relationship with the police. He very often files lawsuits against me via police and make me suffer.

What I request is to take legal actions against the OIC and other police officers attached to Baduraeliya police whom arrested me and fabricated charge on me and allow me to lead a peaceful life.

Mr, Pathirage Don Jayathilaka.


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