Monday, October 17, 2016

Kochchi Torture

This assault and torture were being conducted by the sub inspector Fonseka and constable Kariyavasam who are attached to the Beruwela police. The following is the complaint made by Fathima Fasla to the national human rights commission and the inspector general of police. 

Rahuman is a 24 years old laborer my husband. On 12.10.2016 a group of people arrested my husband at Beruwela Egodavaththa road and called Beruwela police and handed over him to Beruwela police. Around 4 pm I went to the police station with my elder brother Faslan. The police informed us due to a theft he was arrested. My husband was in the cell. They did not allow us to speak. They said us not to be there. I went home and came around 8pm bringing food. The police said it had a warrant. They said on the following day they produced him before the court. But they did not. Those two days he was assaulted. They also said he was produced before the court on 13 th or 14 th. But they did not. Those two days also he was assaulted. On 15 th day morning I went to see him. My husband was severely assaulted. He said that he was being tortured pouring kochchi chilli into his ears eyes penis and anus. He could not walk due to assault directed on the legs. 

From yesterday 14 th around 2pm my elder brother Fasil and my husband's elder brother Milhan were being arrested detained and assaulted. They were being assaulted severely. They were being poured kochchi juice into ears eyes penis and anus. 

This assault and torture were being continued by the two police personal including sub inspector Fonseka and constable Kariyavasam. 

She requested to produce her husband  B. R. M Rahuman elder brother Fasil and brother in law Milhan who were being detained and tortured. 

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