Sunday, October 30, 2016

IGP remains silence.

Sugath was assaulted in a brawl. He came to Panadura South police and made a complaint and admitted to the hospital. The date 09.10.2016 which the complaint was inquired Sugath was in the hospital. So his wife Isuri appeared for the complaint.

According to her statement one of the persons in the other party and a person called a tryshaw driver Sudu Ayiya who had no involvement in the incident were appeared before the police station with few others. 

The officer in charge of multi complaint division handled the inquiry. He did not allow Isuri to utter a word. Instead of that he behaved with the try shaw driver Sudu Ayiya in a friendly manner. They forced Isurita came to a settlement by receiving some kind of money. 

She did not agree for a settlement. Then the Officer In Charge took her to down satires from up stair and put her inside the cell. She was accompanied her 16 years old elder daughter to the police station The OIC ordered her to hand over the two years old infant in her arms to the elder daughter and made the elder daughter stayed outside. 

The infant was stayed out side crying. She was remained in the cell from 11.30 in the morning to 5 in the evening. The OIC came near the cell once and asked her ''Are u well?'' and went. The try shaw driver called Sudu Ayiya came near the cell several times and said if she likes to a settlement then she would be released. 

This way she was kept in the cell until 5 pm. Even water was not given to her. After could not bearing the situation she said the try shaw driver sudu ayiya she would like to come to a settlement. Then she was taken to the up stairs and released after taking her signature into a statement. 

Her husband complained the whole incident to the inspector general of police. The inspector general of police said in public that he would take legal actions against any police officer in any rank who commits any wrong. But in this case nothing has happened. 

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