Monday, October 3, 2016

How a politician passed O/L exam.

This image is the postal identity card of a local government politician. He is said to be gain salaries from the fisheries cooperation.  It was issued in 1990. The name of the politician is Udana Kusumsiri. 

In the image of this identity card was not him. It was the image of a clever and innocent youth from the village. He had to be sat and written the O/L exam behalf of this politician called Udana Kusumsiri. This incident was disclosed after the Ahangama police and ex opposition leader of the Imaduwa local government Thilakavansha Amaradivakara made fabrication of charges against this innocent person. 

In Sri Lanka there are many politicians who passed exams falsely. The problem remains is the safeguard of these politicians by the persons who passed exams according to the due process. This is the clear destruction.


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