Monday, October 10, 2016

All for Rs.2000/=.

Premaratna Bulathsinhala 69 years old a resident from Bulathsinhala.

 On 14.12.2011 he was arrested and produced before Mathugama Magistrate court for fabricated charge. He pleaded innocence. He was released on bail.

On 31.08.2016 he was noticed by the court to appear before the court. He hired a lawyer called Kapila Vayidayathilaka. The lawyer fee was Rs.2000/=. He told the lawyer to plead innocence behalf of him. But the lawyer with the support of police pleaded guilty. He inquired this matter from the lawyer. The lawyer said because that he was 67 years old and released by paying a fine. 

Premaratne informed the chief justice the attorney general and the inspector general of police about this injustice. He is waiting for justice to be done. Like Premaratna as poor cannot seek justice from the higher courts.

The powerful persons not need justice. The justice is not suitable to the poor.

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