Wednesday, October 12, 2016

President justifies torture.

In Sri Lanka October 5th is the teacher's day. Presidnet Mayithreepala Sirisena gave a speech commemorating this day. He justified torture in the school saying when teachers hit students then their parents go to the human rights. He too said he was assaulted when he was a student. 

The following day  a student from Panadura was assaulted by teacher who is a Buddhist monk. This student attached to Alubomulla S. Mahinda school. He is expecting to sit the Ordinary Level examination this year. The Buddhist monk who teaches Buddhism in the same school. This monk lives in a temple at Kurusa junction Panadura and this temple called ''podi pansala''. 

He assaulted this student using a broom stick unless it was broken. The student Os admitted to the hospital. His condition is serious.

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