Monday, November 14, 2016

Ramyalatha Case;- Join hands Doctor's Mafia (Part 02)

This is a disclosure of a doctor get to gather with pharmacy mafia in Sri Lanka. This is included in Ramyalatha's complaint to the medical council.

I am a 42 years old married mother with three children. I am the bread winner of my family. My 17 years old son is ill due to the high quantity of medicine gave to him by the Bentota government hospital when BCG vaccine. He had undergone 09 operations now he cannot cured. My husband is a heart patient who under went by pass surgery.

I am doing farming. There was a pain in my right eye and I went to take medicine for it to Dr. P W U Jayalal. He gave me a prescription. I went to Gunawardana pharmacy seeking my medicine. It was on 20.02.2016. I put this medicine to my eye. The pain was not vanished. I went to the dispensary of Dr Sirisena. He said the medicine was wrong and it was suited for ear alignment. He took the prescription and wrong medicine from me saying he wanted to reprimand the pharmacy owner. For his medicine the pain was being remained. So I went Colombo eye hospital and admitted there for 17 days due to wrong medicine put into my eye. The hospital authority told me to bring the prescription and wrong  medicine. My husband contacted Dr. Sirisena much difficulty and got the prescription of Dr Jayalath and medicine from the pharmacy.

I was discharged on 11.03.2016 and made a complaint at Urugasmanhandiya police on 12.03.2016. After that I went to see Dr. Sirisena and told him that I would like to take legal action. He said it was useless. He further said the value of a eye was Rs1250/= and took it from the pharmacy owner and proposed me to come to a settlement with the owner of the pharmacy and also said i would be fallen in to a difficult situation if I would seek justice.

So I have made this complaint to the medical council regarding Dr. Sirisena.


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