Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Ramyalatha Case ;- Get together Police Mafia and Pharmacy Mafia (Part 01)

This is a disclosure of a heinous act by the Officer In Charge Sujith Priyantha attached to Urugasmanhandiya police station who tried to defend pharmacy owner who gave wrong medicine for a woman which caused her blindness. 

The patient's name is Ramyalatha. She is a resident of Urugasmanhandiya police division. She is a mother of three children also. She is a farmer by profession and main earner for the family. 

The doctor gave her a prescription to put medicine to her eye. But the Gunawardana pharmacy gave her medicine which was for ear alignment. Her eve was rescued without fully blindness due to the swift and effective intervention by the Colombo National Eve hospital. 

The following was the way how police has implemented law regarding this unjust act. She was admitted in the Colombo National Eve hospital for seventeen days. She has got half of her eye site and made a complaint before Urugasmanhandiya police station.  It was on 12 March 2016. 

After 09 days of this complaint on 21 March 2016 the Officer In Charge of the said police called IP Sujith Priyantha Alpitiya filed a case before the Magistrate Court not about the owner of the pharmacy but for the worker of the pharmacy.  

After two hearings of the lawsuit the said officer summoned Ramayalatha to the police station via phone and proposed a settlement. He said the lawsuit would be defeated and take 01 lakhs 02 lakhs or 03 lakhs from the owner of the pharmacy and forced to come to a settlement. 

She opposed it. Then she was directed to a police officer called Soysa attached to the crime division. He told her that there was no document regarding the lawsuit in the police station.  

A lawyer also said her that her lawsuit would be definitely dismissed. 

She has written to the Inspector General of Police regarding this matter. 

Wait and see what the reaction of the Inspector General of Police, Pujitha Jayasundara. 

We would inform you about the doctor's mafia which attached to police and pharmacy mafia in the near future. 

The link to Sinhala version is 

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