Monday, September 12, 2016

Torture after Abduction

His name is Gamunu. His incident was described by his brother. According to him Gamunu was abducted by Colombo anti drug unit after coming from signing at the Grandpass police. Now he is getting treatment at the Colombo National Hospital. The incident took place on 28.08.2016. He was tortured severely. When he was produced before the Colombo Magistrate court the court ordered to admit him in the hospital via prison because he couldn't even walk. 

The prison produced him before the prison hospital and examined by the judicial medical officer. Via him he was forwarded to Colombo National Hospital. He still is getting treatment at the Colombo National Hospital. 

This incident was informed to the National Human Rights Commission and a request had made to hold proper investigations. 

The brother of Gamunu accepted that both Gamunu and his wife had previous allegations on theft and drugs. 

However the police has no right to commit abductions and torture what ever the allegations that he or she has as a suspect. 

Good governance means everybody below the law. If it doesn't take actions to make the police of Sri Lanka law abiding police the good governance and reconciliations are mere sign boards.

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