Monday, September 26, 2016

Suspended sentences state money and state criminals.

When state officials become criminals treating them with specialty  makes the law that says all are equal before the law further farce. 

It is a common practice that when state officers become criminals the judiciary force them to plead guilty and escape from the sentences.

In the past time the persons who face criminal charges and indictments state before the courts that they are guilty for the offence and release. It happens due to the nexus between criminal suspect /accused, the police, the attorney general and the judiciary.

In here case the accused pleads guilty for all most all the chargers.

The judiciary which makes the person guilty imposes suspended  sentences and fine becomes a penalty of state.

From this the criminal becomes discharged. He or she  does not get imprisonment. Because the fine becomes  a charge of state he or she is not liable to pay a charge. 

Only making the guilty limits to the mere words of a judgment. 

The persons become criminal of crimes couldn't hold the positions of the state.

For this the earlier said three institutions are responsible. This action is a method of technology which uses to refrain from state's ethics of code. The offenders who commit crimes couldn't hold state portfolios. According to this method the offender becomes offender when pay a fine or make an imprisonment. 

Instead of this some state officers become the category of superior. This is due to the abolish of police power to arrest suspected state officers. Before the arrest of these superior state officers it is needed to get the instructions from the attorney general.

According to this back ground until today the criminals that were being decided by the judiciary not getting imprisonment and  all the state officers in the country whom enjoy state privileges. This situation must be changed.

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