Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sunken Sewol ferry overloaded with iron bars for Jeju naval base.

A shocking fact was officially confirmed about the Sewol ferry by the Special Sewol Investigative Commission. The Sewol was carrying 410 tons of iron bars meant for Jeju naval base construction. 304 people died on April 16, 2014 in the sunken Sewol ferry bound for Jeju. Bereaved family members of the victims have been struggling to find the real truth of the tragedy because the facts of the sinking have still not been properly revealed. The Korean government has been repeatedly saying cargo overload was the reason of the case but there remain many questions unsolved.

First of all, what's the real reason the Sewol left port that night? Around 9 pm on Apr 15, 2014 the Sewol ferry departed Incheon Harber on its own, while poor weather compelled other ships to remain in port. Following the disclosure of the iron bars that were intended for the Jeju naval base allegations are being that the ship put to sea rashly in order to meet the construction schedule for the base.

Second suspicions have been raised over the past two years about a special relationship between the Sewol and South Korea's National Intelligence Service. Many circumstantial evidence show that the NIS is the real owner of the ferry. These facts point to the need for an investigation into whether the NIS was connected to the construction of the naval base at Gangjeong village on Jeju Island which was fiercely opposed by the villagers and peace activists and whether the NIS gave orders for the ferry to be rashly overloaded in order to keep the base's construction on schedule. Now it is proven that even the government is not free of responsibility for overloading the Sewol. And the same government should be held accountable for the excessive use of force to unreasonably push forward the naval base construction.

****Monthly news on the struggle against the Jeju Naval base project,

Gangjeong Village Story - South Korea.

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