Sunday, September 18, 2016

Good step by the medical council.

The doctor who supported the police summoned to the medical council on four charges. Mr. Wickremasinha is a teacher by profession. He was assaulted by the Ehaliyagoda police on the 20th April 2008. 

After the assault he did not produce before the Ehaliyagoda police instead of that took him to the house of the judicial medical officer called Menaka Kumari works in the Avissawella base hospital. It was happened in the night.

This said doctor talked to the police officers who assaulted Mr.Wickremasinha and and took steps to keep him inside his room and tried to examine him before the police officers. 

He requested her to produce him before the hospital because his condition was worse due to the assault of the police. 

But she danced according to the police. Mr. Wickremasingha strongly opposed her examination. She mentioned it in the judicial medical report and handed it to the police. 

Again he was taken back to the Ehaliyagoda police. There his condition turned more worse. Due to this the police had to release him on a police bail. 

After that Mr. Wickremasingha himself took treatment at the Ratnapura ospital. 

Mr. Wickremasinha complained to the medical council about the misbehavior of Dr. Menaka Kumari.  

Now the medical council has taken steps to hold an inquiry regarding the doctor on four allegations.

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