Sunday, September 11, 2016

Finally Sajith Won, (Greece Yaka)

On 23rd August 2011 Sajith Suranga was in a friend's house. Then he was arrested by the Thelikada police and tortured and fabricated charges. 

He was filed a fundamental rights case before the Supreme Court the highest court in the country regarding torture and cruel inhuman treatment. 

According  to this lawsuit the OIC of the Thelikada police IP Nalaka to pay Rs. 100,000/= and Prasad , Sunil, Palitha and civil defense officer to pay Rs. 50,000/= Sajith Suranga as compensation.  

The Supreme Court further recommended to conduct investigations regarding these police personal handed the case to the Attorney General.

The lawyers appeared behalf of  Sajith Suranga are Mr. Chamara Nanayakkaravasam aal and Mr. Shantha Jayawardena aal, 

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka forwarded Sajith Suranga to Judicial Medical Officer Colombo. The Judicial Medical Officer again directed Sajith Suranga to consultant psychiatric. He decided Sajith Suranga suffered mentally beside of physical torture. 

At once the inspector general of police mentioned Sajith was not underwent torture. He made this heinous statement after received a report from Assistant Superintendent of Police in the area.

According to this judgment the inspector general of police should conduct inquiry against these police personal and instructed the attorney general to file a lawsuit. 

The national police commission has a power to make disciplinary inquiries against from the officer in charge of police to deputy inspector general of police. 

Janasansadaya as an organisation requested to take legal actions against the assistant superintendent of police because he had handed over a false document. 

The fundamental  rights case was filed before the Supreme Court on 2011. The judgement was given on 22nd July 2016.

The judgement was given by three judges bench comprising Judge Sisira J de Abrew, Judge M. H. M. U Abeyrathna and Judge H. N. J Perera and it was written by Judge H. N. J Perera.

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