Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Injustice and Torture in foreign employment.

Request to repayment of arrays and take legal action against persons who acted falsely. Nandawathi Peiris 51 years old woman NIC 655993983V Reside at No 239/5A G Alwis Fernando Mawatha Tsunami Land Weragama Wadduwa Telephone number 072 1515409 

The complaint was made on 11.05.2016. On 29.11.2013 I had gone to work in a house in Damiman Saudi Arabia. It was happened after I was introduced to Amja Travels and Rikrutin Agent in Gunasinhapura Petta by a resident of Alubomulla Panadura called Fayurus. 

At the beginning to end I was being tortured by the owner and his wife of the house. For one year and seven months I was not paid. They broke my teeth and stabbed to my forehead. They did not allow me to speak to my children in Sri Lanka for the whole period. 

After two years I was surrendered to Dammiman police while they accompanied me to the beach. I was imprisoned instead of handing over me to the owner. After 04 days of imprisonment I was released by the wife of the owner and another person. I worked for seventeen days with the other person. They helped me to obtain an air ticket. On 07.02. 2016 I came to Sri Lanka. I came back with nothing. No salary payments.

After I came to Sri Lanka I made a complaint to the foreign service bureau. They told me not to panic we would file a lawsuit against the agency and pay back the salaries. Yet nothing has happened.

Amja Travels & Rikurtin agency registration number is 1485 and Telephone number is 0114016988.The Telephone number of Fayurus is 077 8595476.

This is a case refereed to Janasansadaya - 038 2231419, 077 3201270

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