Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Abduction and Rape

My daughter was abducted and detained for 14 days and raped. I am .................. I am 45 years old. NIC no is ........V married and have four children. I am a farmer. Reside at........... 

This complaint was made on 11.05.2016. .......... is my daughter. She is 18 years old. She goes school. She is a year 12 student. 

On 23rd April 2016 we sent our daughter to near by shop to buy some goods. She had got late to come back and my wife went searching her. The owner of the shop said she went after buying goods.

When we were searching for her a telephone call came to my brother saying that neighbor ......... took my daughter. At the very moment my wife tried to make a complaint to the Saliyawewa police. The police did not record  a complaint. But the OIC of Saliyawewa police came to our house with my wife. He called the rapist via phone after seeking his number from my younger brother.

Rapist told the OIC that he accompanied  our daughter to Ja Ela around 8pm. But he did not allow our daughter to speak to us. The OIC did not inquire where the rapist abducted our daughter. He did not inquire how she was taken within an hour to Ja Ela. But he ordered the rapist to bring the daughter to the police station. 

After that the OIC told my wife to come and make a complaint at the police. But later he said it is unnecessary thing to make a complaint because the child went willingly. The age is ok. But both my wife and I went to Saliyawewa police to make a complaint. They recorded the complaint around 10 pm. But they did not try to find our daughter.

On 24.04.2016,  5.30 in the morning went to search around the shop of Chuti malli. Because at night Chuti malli brought mosquito coils which was laid near the shop. When we went there big onions and money spreaded every where and signs of dragging a person. At that moment my wife said details to the Saliyawewa police via phone.

After that two police personal came to the spot. We showed them everything. We handed over a piece of cloth to the police. But they gave it back to us.

The following day around 11 in the afternoon three police personal came. They searched the place and took notes. One of them spoke to the rapist via phone. After that he told us that it was useless to find her because she willingly went with him.

After that around 8 pm we went to the police station and the rapist our daughter and his relatives were arrived at the police station. 

The following day when the statement was being recorded the uncle of the rapist called sagent Saman was there. 

At the police station the police person blamed and threatened us saying that our daughter was willingly going with him. My wife asked my daughter whether she willingly went. She said yes. But she was remained afraid and her whole body was cold. They blamed us and influenced my wife to withdraw the complaint. They handed over my daughter to the abductor .(rapist.)

On 05.05.2016 my wife called both the rapist and my daughter to our house. My daughter told my wife that she said willingly went because of the fear and did not stay with him willingly. The daughter was again taken to the house of the rapist. The following day 06.05.2016 around nine in the morning the daughter came to our house. After that she refused to went to rapist's house.

The rapist his family and we went to Saliya wewa police station. They recorded a complaint only from the rapist. The police told us to bring our daughter. We did that. 

Then the police recorded statements from both the rapist and our daughter. The police told our daughter to choose a party to go. Our daughter came with us. She was not well.

On 07.05.2016 we accompanied her to Puttalama District hospital. She was admitted. She was examined. The hospital police post recorded a statement. The woman police personal of the Saliyawewa police came and recorded a statement. I came to know that my daughter was blamed and intimidated by the police.

My daughter was taken to a bush and raped. But the police did not inquire it. She was given mithuri tablets to drink. When she complained about stomachache and vomited she was taken to doctor ......... dispensary and given medicine.

The police justified the abduction and rape.

This complaint was made by the victim's father.

Janasansadaya 038 2231419, 0773201270 

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