Friday, May 13, 2016

Forced Hair Cut

I am M. D Chanaka Gunathilaka. NIC 761831704V 39 years old and married with three children Businessman. Reside at No 89 Weragama road Maha Wadduwa Wadduwa Telephone number 071 9395943. 

This complaint was made on 18.02.2016. M. D Thiyunu Nuwan Gunathilaka 11 years old is my son. He studies at year 9 D in Sri Sumangala Boys school Panadura.

On 17.02.2016 I went to my son's school to take him home. I saw his hair was cut. I questioned him. He said after the morning assembly he was stopped by a teacher named Najith Fonseka.  After that one elder brother (student) told him to go to the classroom. After that Najith Fonseka teacher and another school boy came and took my son out of the school. My son was taken to the new chandi salon which was in Panadura Horana road in front of Bavuddhaloka school. While my son was crying the barber cut his hair saying it was the word of the teacher. My son explained him that he acts and appears in TV commercial advertisements. After the hair cut my son was brought back to his classroom. The English teacher did not asked anything but the other students asked what had happened. My son was very sad.

I went to meet the acting principal Padmalal and questioned what had happened. He said he did not know anything.

This incident had a background story. In December 2015 the former principal Somathilaka Vithana was retired. Every student was asked to bring Rs.500/= to bye him a hybrid car as a present for his retirement. The group of other parents and I were against this. One teacher called Sumith Silva lodged a complaint against me and arrested me. Now there is a pending lawsuit against me. For them it is difficult to proceed with this fabricated charge. They want to revenge from me. As a result my son has harassed.

I request relevant authorities to take legal action and produce both the teacher called Najith Fonseka and the barber of the salon called Karunajeewa before the court.

Janasansadaya 038 2231419, 077 3201270

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