Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Illegal arrest, Illegal detention and Torture

I am Thabawitage Chaminda Prasad Perera NIC No 772610742 V 39 years old married with five children Laborer Reside at 40/03, Mangala Mw Walana, Panadura Tele No 071 8551369. 

On 14.05.2016 made this complaint. On 11.05.2016 around 11.15 at night when we all were sleeping somebody banged the door of our house. The dog was barking. My wife asked who were. They said they were from the police and ordered us to open the door. My wife asked what the reason was. They did not say anything and banged the door and beaten the dog. The door was broken. I opened the door. They said I was Chaminda and inquired why I was not coming to the police. They threatened me. They told me to come to the police because that I did something wrong to the policeman called Silva. They spoke to the relatives of Silva and came back and had taken me to the police station by a jeep. 

This was all happened due to the influence of the police officer called Boxer (Jayasingha 30813) It was around 11.45 pm when I was taken to the police station. I was made to sit near the cell door and Boxer went away. A officer from minor complaint division sent me to the near by Muslim boutique in front of the hospital to bye hoppers. So he told me to bring string hoppers. They sent me to the shop twice. That officer gave me a chit and told me to come on the following day. He was a sub inspector. Boxer arrived when we (my five children, wife and I) left the police station. When he saw me and called me and sat me near the cell. He ordered me again to go to the said boutique and bye food. I went. But no that type of food. My wife said to all the other police officers about the arrest of me. Boxer blamed me saying my wife's mouth was too much. The following day 01 in the dawn I was told to go. 

On the same day morning (6.30 am) we (my wife children and I) had started a peaceful fast. At around 10 in the morning a police officer came and said that we would be summoned to the office of the assistant superintendent of the police. We were sent to the Panadura South police by a try shaw.  The assistant superintendent of the police inquired what was happened and recorded a statement. 

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