Monday, December 12, 2016

Hostage Taking by Mathugama police.

Mathugama police has taken 18 years old as hostage instead of his father. Anthoni Ayiya Devaraj is the father who is a estate labor. He has written a letter to the inspector general of police. He states it is due to the influence of illicit liquor sellers in the area to the police. 

Anthony Ayyia Devaraj is a 53 years old married person with three children resides at Sirikadura Watta Mathugama. He has written to the inspector general of police on 10.12.2016. His son is Devaraj Sadish Kumara 18 years old who was brought to the police station on 10.12.2016 at around 12 in the afternoon and had been detained. This took place due to the conflict between to line rooms. 

Anthony Ayyiya Devaraj was injured due to the brawl and treated at Waththava government hospital on 09.12.2016 and discharged on the following day. 

Mathugama police gave a telephone call to his wife and told her to confirm Anthony Ayyiya Devaraj to surrender to the police with equipment s used to make illicit liquor. He says he has now connection with brewing illicit liquor. This has happened due to influence to the police by two persons in neighboring line rooms who are being engaged in making illicit liquor called Sri Rangam and his brother in law called Madana.

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