Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Case of a Breadfruit Tree

A. A Karunasena 52 years old married dancer Reside at 251A 3 Aguruvathota Road Rayigama Bandaragama Tele No 077 3093914 Complaint was made on 29.06.2016. 

On 22.06.2016 I cut the branches of my breadfruit tree which were dangerous to my house and my neighbor's house. At around 12 noon two police personal attached to the Bandaragama police came and alleged that I illegally cut the breadfruit tree. I said them I had only cut not the tree but the branches. They informed me to appear 1 pm at the police station. 

Both my wife and I went to the police station. The complainant Valpitage Duminda Niroshana was also there. The police officer who inquired the matter did not allow us to say but partially recorded a statement from the complainant. When asked to tell the reasons then the said police officer threatened to put my wife into the cell. 

The said police officer informed that I would be put to the cell and transport the branches to the police station. That police officer went away in a bicycle. He told us to be ready. The police woman made me sit on a bench near the cell for about four hours. Later the complainant Niroshana came and settled the matter. We went home.

On 24.06.2016 around 9.30 am Police came again and asked both Duminda Niroshana and us to appear in the police station at 10.30 in the morning. Niroshana's brother Thilak Kumara and Darmasena were also came. The police alleged that I cut a breadfruit tree in a land of Thilak Kumara which had a pending case in a court. I said no. I was arrested and put to the cell. I was in the cell for more than four hours. The lorry contained with branches reached the police station. My wife made photos. The police blamed her. After that my wife released me on bail.

When we went home in the evening the fence of my house was broken by the police to remove the branches, We made a complaint regarding this. The police accepted they had broken the fence. First the police did not allow to make a complaint but the Officer In Charge allowed it. My wife said to the police if the police would accompany her then it was not necessary to break the fence. The complaint number is CIB 2 361/352.

When we were not at home Thilak Kumara and the police came and covered the broken fence with a polithin. On 28th we went the Bandaragama court according to the police information. I hired a lawyer. But there was no lawsuit. We asked the police then police said no lawsuit because we only cut the branches not the tree. The lawyer inquired the police then why I was arrested. The police personal said we put the matter to the mediation board and went away. 

I state further that the brother of Niroshana, Thilak Kumara cut a tree in a land of Niroshana without a permit. The police did not take any legal action. This happened due the partially of the police to Thilak Kumara. 

I request to take legal action against the police personal attached to Bandaragama police who illegally arrested detained me and took the branches of the breadfruit tree.

Janasansadaya 038 2231419, 077 3201270

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