Monday, June 6, 2016

Don't detain me on fabrication of charges.

Janasansadaya 038 2231419  077 3201270

Samarathunga Arachchige Ruwan Suranjaya Samarathunga 38 years old married with one child fisherman reside at 23, Jathika nivasa road Modara Moratuwa. Tele 071 2874760 This complaint was made on 06.05.2016.

I disclosed the information about sola tire shop theft on closer date of 25 th April 2016 as this . On that day I attended a funeral near Justin Dias Mawatha. I was there from 8 pm to 2 am next day. When I was leaving a neighbor called Kusal accompanied me. We were going on a road edged of the railway tracks. We saw there were two tires and several others spread on the railway tracks. Kusal collected the tires and put to near by bush. I opposed it and both of us went to our homes.

After two days I met Kusal. I asked him what had happened to the tires. He said they were vanished. After two weeks a policeman called Anil arrived our home. He inquired where I was. I was in the sea. I came to know this after arriving from sea. I went see from Devundara Tangalle Kudavellenya. I arrived home from sea on 05.05.2016.

I disclosed these information because there would be a risk of arresting me on false charges. I never engage in a crime because I am on bail and having charges on theft and murder. So according to this situation I will be arrested and tortured.

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