Thursday, June 16, 2016

Illegal Arrest Torture and Fabrication of Charges

Manimelge Sirimal Dalpadadu 33 years old NIC 83345236V Married with one child Driver Reside at 53 D Awariyawatta Alubomulla Panadura Tele 078 5573738

Surendra Acharige Kushan Prabudda 22 years old, NIC 941634109V Unmarried Businessman Reside at 409/18 H D W Wijesooriya Mawatha Panadura Tele 076 08842

On 14. 06. 2016 around 6.30pm I was in Kushan's house. Kushan had gone to another shop by asking me to look after his shop. A vehicle was stopped obstructing the entrance of the shop. A woman drove the vehicle and Kushan told her not to stop the vehicle. The woman questioned me about Kushan. Then came Panadura police. The woman said she was a wife of SSP Ginige who was charged in past disciplinary matters. The police arrested me. I was taken to the Panadura police and assaulted me. The following day I was bail out and a female lawyer appeared behalf of me. The next court hearing will be 08.08.2016. The case bearing number is 37918. It is a fabrication of charges. There is a risk of arresting and torturing of my friend Kushan.

Both Kushan and Sirimal have made complaints to the IGP, the human rights commission and the police commission. This injustice has taken place due to the sardonic pleasure of the wife of SSP Ginige.

Janasansadaya 038 2231419 077 3201270

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