Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Pollonnaruwa Water Board Case. (South Asia's Best Water)

K. D Jayathissa 61 years old NIC No 542611472V married with two children a journalist /a businessman Reside at Polwatta Iliba Horana Tele no 0778281664

I made this complaint on 28.05.2016. On 04.05.2016 I was vomited after drinking tea by a shop near the water board of Gallalla , Polonnaruwa. The other two persons whom I accompanied refrain from drinking tea. I suspected that tea was made by polluted water. I informed the other two to not to drink tea. I asked the owner of the shop to show me where the place of water which used to make tea. 

He showed me. He said this water was from the water board and further said it was the best water in the South Asia. Then I went near the shop. There were four to five persons were gathered around it. I examined a glass of water with the TDS equipment and they obstructed it and asked our identity. I said that I was a journalist and showed my identity card. I also said that I was the president of the clean water project in the area. They threatened us. We were assaulted. We called 119 and the police came. They had taken us to the office of the water board. After that we were taken to the police station in Pollonnaruwa  Kadunwela and put inside the cell. One person was released. 

On 05.05.2016 around 2.30 pm we were produced before the Pollonnaruwa Magistrate Court. We were remanded until 10.05.2016 and had taken our vehicle and equipment to the custody of the court. 

On 10.05.2016 we were released on bonds. The next court hearing will be on 27.09.2016. 

This was done to cover up the issue of distributing polluted water by both the Polonnaruwa water board and the Polonnaruwa police. 

Janasansadaya 038 2231419 , 077 3201270 

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