Sunday, January 8, 2017

The IGP makes way to free police officers who violate the constitution.

In 2008 Rajapaksha regiment not only allowed the police officers who did fundamental rights violations to remain in their positions but to promote them to higher rankings. 

In 2008 both Tenison Koyiteks  and his son were assaulted by the police personal attached to Hikkaduwa police and fabricated charges on them. The police personal were the sub inspector Sanjeewa Senevirathna and the police constable Suranga bearing number 64244. 

The Supreme Court gave a decision against this injustice and Up to now the orders are not being implemented. The fundamental rights case regarding this is bearing number SC/FR 158/08. The judgement was given on 17.02.2016. 

Tenison said that he hopes now the judgement is received by the Inspector General of Police. The perpetrators above mentioned violated the fundamental  rights of Tenison and his son Roshan Koyiteks. The Supreme Court ordered the perpetrators (respondents) and the state to pay compensation.  The Supreme Court also ordered to send the certified copy of this judgement to the IGP via the registrar. 

In 2008 these two police officers also fabricated two cases bearing number 7568 and 8049 on Tenison and his son before the Galle Magistrate court. Both of them are acquitted from these two fabricated cases. It had happened after nine years of court proceedings. Both of them had to appear 44 times to these two cases. During this nine year period the behavior of police was very heinous they state.

Tenison Koyiteks has written to the inspector general of police  (IGP) on 05 January 2017 requesting to take disciplinary actions against the police officers committed these illegal actions. Mr. Tenison Koyiteks also requested the IGP to inform him the actions he would take against these two police perpetrators. 

The link to the Sinhala version of this case is following,

The link to the judgement, 

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