Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Ex police officer's malpractice.

This is Disilin Perera 85 years old widow with no children resides at Nugagoda, Waskaduwa. On 12 December 2016 a day before Poya day one person called Liyanage Mayithri Perera assaulted her and tried to evacuated her from her house forcefully. She lodged a complaint on this at Moronthuduwa police. But the police did not investigate it so she again complained it on 16th December. 

According to her Liyanage Mayithri Perera is an ex court police officer. At last he served at Dodangoda police. 

Fifteen years ago during a visit to Somawathiya pilgrimage they have met so called Liyanage Mayithree Perera. They have been become friends since then. He appears as a good Buddhist. He cheated and took her land and built a two stored house. The front room of her house devotes to Buddhist activities. He is one top devotee and a member of the temple called Nugagoda Nagarukkaramaya. 

He tried to help them via Buddhism and cheated them and took their land. But they have been residing in the house since 5th June 1970. According to her he used her to work in the house and land. 

Now she is 85 years old. Now she is unable to work. This so called Liyanage Mayithree Perera even not gives her a glass of water to drink. Instead that he threats her to kill by putting a shopping bag into her head. It states that he was an ex accused in a murder case . 

For the complaint lodged on 16th December a policeman came to her home. This police officer took her signature and threatened her not to come to the police station and went.

She has made a written request to the inspector general of police and divisional secretariat of Kalutara to take legal actions regarding threats to kill her and cheated and took her property and neglect to care her at the old age after taking work for 12 years.  


  1. If Moronthuduwa Police does not take action,She can go to any other Police station in the District (Closest being Kalutara North) and make her complain against the culprit.

  2. What for she writes to IGP her right to get redress from Moronthuduwa police. Moronthuduwa police wants to protect the culprit it is the bitter truth.


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