Monday, July 11, 2016

Senior citizen was assaulted.

She is a 61 years old mother with four children. She has got the senior citizen identity card. To police it is nothing. They only consider about the garage owner.

She is Shrimathi Fernando a resident of Panadura police division. On 04.05.2016 she was assaulted by two women called Kumudini Fernando and Gayani Tharaka. She was injured and admitted to hospital and got treatment for three days.

The police has not taken any action until now. Gayani Tharaka's husband is a garage owner. The police often visit the garage. Earlier on 23.04.2016 she was assaulted by the said group and she was threw out from the house.

Now she is a helpless senior citizen. On 07.07.2016 she has made complaints to the senior superintendent of police Panadura requesting to take legal action against the perpetrators. We wait and see what actions has taken by the said police officer.

Janasansadaya 038 2231419 , 077 3201270

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