Friday, July 8, 2016

Request to stop torture.

Name W. P. Priyanka Chamindani. 36 years old, married with three children This complaint was made by Priyanka's mother. 

On 29.06.2016 2 pm three policemen in civilian clothes came and asked who was Priyanka. I said she is my daughter. I further said at this moment she was at the Panadura base hospital looking after my daughter in law. The police informed us to appear at Wadduwa police on 30.06.2016 at 10 am and meet the officer called Suneth. They gave us a chit. (It's picture here.) 

So I went to the police station with Priyanka and Priyanka's daughter in law called Shanthi. 

The police officer called Suneth took Priyanka to a back room. He demanded Rs.3000/= and blamed her using filthy language. He did not allow us to look at her but instead blaming her using filth. All the police officers with her were male. No woman police officer. All are in civilian clothes. She is a heart patient. She has a speech problem since birth.

She was tortured due to the influence of a Buddhist monk called Sri Sumeda attached to the temple named Sri Saddammaramaya in Galavatimodara Nalluruva Panadura.

Janasansadaya 038 2231419, 077 3201270

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