Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Gang Rape victim always harass by Thebuwana police.

This complaint has directed to the Human Rights Commission, the National Police Commission, and the Inspector General of Police. She is 34 years old, Unmarried, Reside... Galpatha. The complaint has written on 08.07.2016.

On 29.05.2016 I handed over a letter to the OIC of Thebuvana police requesting a copy of the complaint regarding the no 58665 fabrication lawsuit. It is filled in the Kalutara Magistrate court. After two weeks I went to the police to get it. At that moment I was threatened by the OIC U. Arulananda saying not given the copy of the complaint. He further said I have to go inside. (The prison) After that my lawyer Ms. Imalka Wijeweera informed the OIC to give it for me.

On 04.07.2016 I went to the Thebuwana police again to collect it. I was went there at 7 am. Then the police officer called Jayantha blamed me saying jump to the sea or river and I would be forward to the court.

After that he directed me to the OIC. He sad the judge hear what he said and said I have to go inside and blamed not come to make complaints to the police station. He also threatened me saying I have to pay compensation because I damage the state.

This is due to a incident that R. A. Nishantha had disputes with me since 2012. When ever I have made complaints at the said police they threatened me. The justice is being not received. On 26.09.2015 when the complaint was being inquired the OIC acted partially to R. A. Nishantha. I came back saying that I would complaint to a higher authority. Because of this they filled a fabrication lawsuit against me saying obstructing the police duties. 

Since 2012 I have made complaints. CIB 1 294/195, 15.09.26 11918373/16 12.10.19. CIB 1 396/206 12.09.26 and again on 1.1.212 made complaints to the police. Every time they acted partially to the said person called Nishantha. They have not acted fairly to me. 

I get treatment for mental illness. In 1997 I was gang raped. Regarding this crime the lawsuit is at the High Court of Kalutara. This is known to the OIC of Thebuwana and he always harassed me. I am a helpless woman. This behavior of the OIC not suit to a OIC. He always acts partially to R. A. Nishantha and often harass me.  For this the police filled the fabricated case bearing number 58665. 

I request to take legal and disciplinary actions against the said OIC and Jayantha including the relevant police officers who often harass me acts illegally and made fabrication of charges.

Janasansadaya 038 22 31419, 077 3201270

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