Thursday, July 14, 2016

Arrest and Produce the alleged perpetrator of Panadura police to the court.

This complaint has made to the Human Rights Commission, the National Police Commission and the Inspector General of Police on 09.07.2016. 

G. S P Silva is 42 years old, NIC 741623021V Married with two children Driver Reside at 190/14 Thalpitiya North Panadura Tele No 077 6694521

On 04 th July 2016 around 8.30 at night when I was sitting back of the house I saw one person was running on the road. He was followed by three other persons. One was stopped and asked whether I was a chandiya (thug) and slapped me hard once. I was fallen down to the floor with the chair. He then assaulted my head using a torch which was in his hand. My wife shouted and begged not to assault me. When she reached closer she was pushed by them. They said that we were stuck our heads on a rock. My tooth was fall and started bleeding. My head was swollen.

Other relatives gathered after the shouting of my wife. Another five or six persons were gathered there. Some wore short trousers and some wore long trousers. The one person who assaulted me was fair has a upper mustache and wore a long trouser. I can identify him after seen. After that we came to know they were attached to the unit of the Panadura Assistant Superintendent Office. The police personal who assaulted me was Padma Kumara. After that they brought the jeep and went. They also said they were from the Wella police. When they were departure I was brought to the Panadura base hospital. 

I was examined and admitted to the hospital. I told the doctors that I was assaulted. I was in the hospital for four days. On 05.07.2016 the hospital police post recorded a statement from me. 

After that I came to know on the day that I was admitted (05.07.2016) around 9.30 at night few from the Panadura South police came and noted down my name and my mother's name.

On 05.07.2016 my wife has made a complaint to the Assistant Superintendent of police Panadura. The officer who assaulted me called Padma Kumara is still in free. 

Janasansadaya 077 3201270, 038 2231419 

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