Friday, July 14, 2017

Fatal Accident but no action from Ehaliyagoda police.

L. Leelawathi 68 years old married woman with four children and resides in Mahara Ehaliyagoda. On 14.07.2017 she has written to the National Board of Road Accidents and the National Human Rights Commission. 

On 01.03.2016 she met with a fatal accident near Ehaliyagoda bus stop. When she was getting into the bus the bus was moving and she fell down. The near by people helped her to stand. Her legs were bruised. The bus went. At the moment she took a try shaw and went to Ehaliyagoda police. She mentioned the accident but the police refrained from recording it. The police told her to show the bus. The police wanted her to accompany to the bus stand. She told them it was difficult her to walk. The police advised her to admit at hospital. 

So she went to Ehaliyagoda hospital. She was admitted at ward number 01. Until 03.03.2016 the police did not arrive. On 3rd at night she had taken a phone call via other person's mobile to 119. She told the incident. After 15 minutes three policemen came to the hospital and recorded a confession. On 04th March 2016 she was discharged after putting medicine to injuries. She mentioned about the pain in her hip but the hospital staff did not examine it. 

After that she underwent another medical examination and found out damage in her hip bone. Because of her pain she went to Rathnapura hospital they said her to wait at the list and mentioned about the cost of Rs.30,000/= in a private hospital. Her children gave her money. The operation was done at a private hospital. 

She often has visited the Ehaliyagoda police and inquires whether the bus would be caught. The police said it did not arrest the bus because of not knowing the number. She has gone to the police last week. The police said her that they had to queued all the buses and find out. 

According to her the Ehaliyagoda police does not interested in this matter. It is true up to now.  Even today she cannot walk properly. She uses two poles  to walk. For going to a far away place she needs a vehicle. She takes treatment until now. 

Her husband is S. A Wickremaratne died on 16.06.2017 due to a cancer. He earned as a cook and maintained the family. 

Now it is more than a year to this accident but the Ehaliyagoda police does not take any proper action. This is a grave injustice for her. She seeks justice. 

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