Friday, July 28, 2017

Fabrication of charge against the wife and abduction of the husband by a white van.

Anoja Chandani 27 years old married with two children resides in Baduraeliya. On 18th July 2017 she has made complaints to the human rights commission and the inspector general of police. Manoj Wasantha is her husband.

On 17.07.2017 She and her 5 years old child were at home. Her husband went outside for work. According to her husband Manoj was engaging in illicit liquor brewing for about 05 years ago. Now he does not do anything illegal. 

Yesterday around 11.30 in the morning five personal in civilian clothes arrived at her home. They arrived by motorcycles. She identified second police officer in post of Baduraeliya police among them. But she did not know his name. They had questioned about her husband and she stated he had gone for work. Then they told her to prepare for going to the police. She asked what the reason was. Instead of telling it they blamed her. The second officer mentioned earlier brought a pole. Another police officer took a call and brought a try shaw. It was red in colour.

This so called second police officer held the pole to her head and threatened. After that she was brought to the Baduraeliya police. At that time of arrest there was no woman police officer. 

She was brought with her small child. The police kept them in the police station and recorded a confession from her. The police officer who recorded a confession was the one who came to her house. He asked her what would she do when police filed a lawsuit of arrack. She said that she would plead guilty. After sometime her husband's younger brother called Nirosh Chaminda came to the police station and she was bail out.

The police instructed her to appear before the court on 28th July. After that she and her child came home. 

At night the driver of the said red color try shaw came by a motorcycle and claimed the fees. She said she couldn't give it. The this driver blamed her using filth. After he was at the compound she went to her husband's younger brother's house. She was there until her husband gave a call. She came home and saw the motorcycle which the driver was came burning. She said they did not know what had happened. After that her husband called the Baduraeliya police around 09 in the night. The police informed them to lodge a complaint in the maornning of tomorrow. 

But around 12.30 at night four police men in uniforms arrived her house and asked her the incident in detail. The police informed them to come to the police on the following day to record a confession regarding the burning of the motorcycle. The police said her that her husband had burnt the motorcycle. 

On 18.07.2017 morning she her husband and the child came to the Mathugama Majistrate Court. They came to hear the case of her husband bearing number 40119. After the hearing they came outside and near the gate four police personal in civilian clothes took her husband by a white van. It was happened around 12.30 in the afternoon. These police personal did not say anything. 

She requests to take legal actions regarding illegal arrest and fabrication of charges against her by the Baduraeliya police and on 18.07.2017 the police police personal who took her husband by a chit van. Instead of this request she further requests to disclose about her husband's whereabouts and stop torture and fabrication of charges against him. 

Janasansadaya 038 2231419, 077 3201270

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