Monday, August 7, 2017

The plight of a youth.

This is Sanjeewa Perera. I am 23 years old Sinhala Buddhist. My father has no job. My mother too has no job. J have two brothers and two sisters. I am the youngest in the family. I live with my parents. We live in the kitchen of my elder brother's house. We become wet in the rainy season and hot in the dry season. I never go to a school. 

I born before the schedule time. That was in seven months. I went an operation in my bladder when I was two months old. Still I have urinate problem. It takes more time to pass urinate. Sometimes it takes ten minutes. I have the disease called Raththaya. Because of these reasons I never attended a school. Three years ago I went to see Wesak with a friend and who took me drugs. (Heroine) 

One day I asked money from my mother to bye drugs. My elder sister informed the police and requested to rehabilitate me. So Panadura police arrested me. Sub inspector Sanjeewa arrested me. At that moment the drugs were not my position and not consumed drugs. 

I was taken to the Panadura hospital and put to a doctor. The doctor did not ask anything from me. No medical examination. He filled the form and handed over it to the police. I was brought back to the police and put me inside the cell. The following day I was produced before the court. I told the judge what was happened. This was instructed to me by my mother. The judge remanded me and ordered to put me to another doctor. I was in the Kalutara prison. From there I was sent to Nagoda hospital. The doctor examined me. The blood took for tests. After eight days I was brought to the court from the prison. It was mentioned the medical report that no drugs in my body. So I was acquitted from that case.

I am not addict to drugs. Sometimes I have taken it with my friend. I decided to stop that too. I went to the Unawatuna rehabilitation center and rehabilitated. Now I have never taken drugs.

I go to work outside my village and do paint work. I earn Rs.7000/= per day. All the week days I have work. On 15.09.2016 at around 11.30 pm I was arrested by Panadura Wella superintendent of police when I was returning home from my work. I was taken to a room and stripped. They laid me on the floor and poured Chile juice into my eyes while I was held by four policemen. They blended chilli in a blender which was on a table in front of me. After that they assaulted me using poles. They too burnt my hand using a hot iron. 

After that I was bathed in a bathroom. I was kept in a room with putting handcuffed. They put me two lawsuits and produced me before the court. 

The lawyer who appeared behalf of me mentioned about the assault before the court. The judge ordered to produce me at the hospital via the prison. I was brought to the Nagoda hospital from the Kalutara prison. I was examined by a doctor. The police put 3250 mg of heroine. According to government analyst report there were only 100 mg of heroine. The police made drugs by using panadol and put it into a spoon and warm it in front of me. After five months I received bail. The report by the judicial medical officer mentioned the torture that I under went and proved that I was not a drug addict. 

These repercussions happened because I pleaded innocence to the fabricated lawsuits by the police.  
They do not allow me to look after my parents and engage in a peaceful occupation. They try to arrest me torture me and fabricate charges against me and label me a criminal. 

I complained this to the Inspector General of Police and complained to the human rights commission via phone. I don't have money to file a lawsuit. 

077 3201270
038 2231419

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