Thursday, June 22, 2017

Wife beats mentally ill husband.

2017.06.06 Shanthi made this complaint to the officer in charge of police station Wadduwa. She is married with two children. Chanaka 27 years old her son. He is a laborer. Since age of 05 years he has been taking medicine for mental illness. It was said by psychiatrists. Once in every month he has to present at the clinic of ward 59 at Colombo general hospital. There are medical reports. According to medical reports he has to be spent under the care of parents. 

Earlier he worked in a garment factory in Bandaragama. On 16.12.2016 he went to work but did not come back home. Shanthi lodged a complaint at Horana police station on 17.12.2016. The bearing number of the complaint was 267/214. But no examination. 

But Shanthi and family members found out what happened. We found that he is with a woman called Kumari. So they lodged a complaint at Ingiriya police. Two relatives of the girl came to the police and said she is over 18 years and can not interfere. After that Shanthi and relatives came to know that a gold ring and the bank account book were not at home. So Shanthi again lodged a complaint before the Horana police. Her son and young woman summoned to the police station. They stated they were married. They withdrew the Rs.55000/= in the bank book. The gold ring was mortgaged under the name of young woman. Shanthi explained to the police her son's mental illness but the police did not initiate any legal action. 

Now her son did not go to work at the garment factory he is being forced to do labor work by his wife. Shanthi said her son is being tortured mentally and physically by his wife. This wife did not feed her husband. Their neighbors said Shanthi,s son begged food from the neighboring houses. 

AShanthi went to find them. Both of them live in a rented house in Wadduwa. She came to know that her son is being tortured by his wife. This wife did not allow her son to cut his bear and hair. There are wounds all over the body of Shanthi's son. Shanthi's son could not able to take an own independent decision due to his mental illness. He may be killed or made a life threat by his wife. 

Shanthi requests to arrest her son and admit to a hospital and produce before a court. Shanthi also attached the medical report issued by Dr. Renuka Jayasinha of Colombo National Hospital with this written complaint. Shanthi further requests to accept her written complaint  and says all the details are true and correct.

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