Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Another youth tortured by Panadura South police.

It was 22nd March 2017 around 10 in the morning I was sleeping in home. Three policemen dressed in civilian clothes came. They asked my name. I said Wasantha. Then they asked the name used in home. I said Pami. After that three of them assaulted me using poles and hands and legs. I was hand cuffed. They put me inside the try shaw and brought to the Panadura South police. The try shaw belong to the police.  

I was taken to the upstairs. In the upstairs they put handcuffs putting hands my back. After that they assaulted me using a pole. The blows directed my hand. They were demanding drugs while assaulting. The police personal called Ranaweera and one from two others assaulted me and detained me for about two hours. I can identify them after seen them. After that I was brought down stairs and put inside the cell. 

On 23 rd I was taken to the Panadura hospital. I was accompanied Ranawerera and the other police personal who assaulted me. 

I was taken to the Judicial Medical Officer. There police personal threatened me showing the pistal that I would be shot If I disclose the assault. I was afraid and did not say about the assault. The doctor asked me whether I was assaulted and I said no. After that I was brought to the Panadura court.

At the court the attorney at law defended me and he reported that I was assaulted by the police. The court ordered to admit me to a hospital via prison. I was imprisoned. From prison I was taken to Nagoda hospital. There I was examined by the Judicial Medical Officer. There I stated that I was assaulted by the police. 

I had to be in remand prison until 05th June 2007. 

According to Government analysts report the heroin which put by the police was very little. So the Magistrate court granted me bail. The court also received the medical report from the Nagoda hospital. It proved that I was assaulted. 

I was released on cash bail valid Rs.5000/= and two sureties. The next court hearing will be on 28.11.2017. Because of this fabrication of charge I had to be in prison for 2 and 1/2 months. 

On 21.06.2017 Wasantha made this above written complaint to the Inspector General of Police, the Human Rights Commission and the National Police Commission. He is a 18 years old youth and no job from Panadura. 

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