Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Fabrication of Charges and Threats.

Melan Sanjaya 21 years old, Married businessman. Reside in Millawa.

On 02.05.2017 around 5.30 pm he was arrested by Moragahahena police when he was in home. He was arrested by two policemen in civilian clothes. One police personal was identified as Lal Nanda and the other policeman's name was not known. They came by a motorcycle. He was taken to the police station seated on the middle of the motorcycle.

At the police station he was put inside the cell. They took his finger print to a blank paper. He was taken outside from the cell and took his signature.

The following day 03.05.2017 he was produced before the Horana Magistrate Court. He was fabricated charges on possession of ganja. He pleaded innocence. He was released on cash bail of Rs.5000/= and a surety. 

He has a pending lawsuit regarding a dispute. For this he goes to the Moragahahena police station to sign every Sunday. On 17.05.2017 he went to sign. At that occasion the said policeman Lal Nanda threatened him that he did not plead guilty and because of that they had to report to the court and they would put another fabrication of charge.

He states that this ganja case is completely a fabrication of charge  and as a revenge because he did not plead guilty the police tries to put against him more fabrication of charges. 

He requests to stop harassment and fabrication of charges.  

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