Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Effort to settle torture.

He is Mr. K. A Mahinda Ramyajiwa. He has sent this complaint to the Chairman, Mediation Board with copy to the OIC Police Station Kalutara North. 

He was a former detainee at Kalutara remand prison. There he was inhumanly tortured by a jailer called Walimuni Chameera Pradeep Silva. So he has made a written complaint at the Kalutara North police. 

The police handed over the case to Kalutara mediation board. The case was called to the mediation board on 06.05.2017. The perpetrator was also present. The mediation board members told Mr. Mahinda to come to a settlement. After that the case would postpone to 13.05.2017. Mr. Mahinda appeared on that day. The perpetrator with three other prison officers in uniform came by a prison vehicle. The members and the chairman of the mediation board Mr. P. Weerasinha forced and influenced Mr. Mahinda to come to a settlement. Mahinda refused. 

Now Mr. Mahinda urges relevant authorities to take legal actions against the chairman of the mediation board and dismiss him. Because torture is a grave crime and cannot be settled.

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